Make your car look really good!

I would like to talk about completing a paint job.  The audi is freshed painted. It is looking really good. When you want to do a nice paint job you need to remove all the parts. And then you put them all together making sure you clean them good. There is nothing worse you can do that putting them back and they look old.

Check the difference of the pearl with the gold. I have one of the best contacts for pearl in the world. But you need to tell me which color you like.  Check the samples I posted here. Keep in mind that I can show you any color you want. What’s the percentage of pearl that you need for a paint job? Everything depends of what color tone you would like to achieve. In the industry of auto body collision it all comes down to the customer. You can use regular tools size 2 or 2.3 as look is micro. Don’t need to remove the neck, use a spray gun if it’s necessary to make the job easier. Please don’t forget to subscribe! Talk to you soon!

From a regular boring podium to a digital one

One of the best way to increase revenue and people is by having  a valet service outside the business. People will drive to your business specially if is located in a busy area. You can buy a valet podium for sale online and hire someone to do the valet for you or you can hire a company that already is in the business. If this sounds good to you, this will amaze you. The company visual podiums just launched their new model of valet podiums that are 100% digital. Now only they are easy to manage but they help you increase revenue as well. With a click you can update the pricing of valet service. And if you would like to increase revenue it also allows you to run promotions. So for example if you are currently running some promo for drinks you can advertise it on the (3) screens included on the podium This will create more exposure and help you bring more people inside your business.