Ideas for Advertising Your Small Business on a Low Budget

The fact that your business hasn’t developed yet doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t afford advertising in order to help it grow. On the contrary, it may well be the right thing to do, something to give you a push in the right direction.

It’s perfectly understandable that a small business or start-up doesn’t have a lot of money to invest in advertising. So, what you need to do is invest wisely and try to get as much as possible for the money you have at your disposal.

Luckily, there are ways of informing your target groups about your offer and attracting them that won’t break the bank. Let’s have a look at some of them that might be the perfect solution for you.

Social Media Is the Key

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have become increasingly important communication channels with your customers. Since you can use all of those platforms for free, think of it as a great opportunity to promote your business. If you’re not convinced, have a look at these numbers.

For example, Facebook allows you to create a free fan page for your business and with well over a billion monthly active users, it might have the best effect for very little to no money. The thing you have to bear in mind though is that just creating a fan page is definitely not enough. You need to stay fresh and relevant, and engage in communication with your existing and prospective customers.


Your website

Even if you don’t sell your product online, you need a well-designed and informative website. Your website is like a shop window that customers from all over the world can look through. Think as a potential customer and analyse your website. Does it contain all the information you need? Can you find what you’re looking for?

If not, you might want to hire an expert to help you build a relevant, positive and informative website. Chances are many people who hear about you will first try to find you online, rather than paying you a visit, which means you need to be ready for them.

According to experts from Ryan’s Web Design company, a business website should be functional, easy to navigate, and aesthetically appealing.


While still talking about your website, it’s worth meantioning creating a regular newsletter that is distributed to all those who subscribe to your mailing list. The content of your newsletter should not be limited to sending ads to your existing or potential customers, but it should rather tell them something useful, informative about your offer.

The main purpose of having a newsletter is to help your customers associate your company with the product or service they need. If it offers some useful information, people are more likely to remember the source.


Partnerships are meant to bring benefits to all those involved. Your company may still be too small to create a partnership with a large corporation, but there might be some smaller businesses that will be willing to strike a partnership with you. Visual Podiums offers lectern stands for free in exchange of ads. Naturally, you’ll be looking for potential partners among those who are not offering the same or very similar product or service like you. This way, you might reduce your advertising costs, reach new clients and offer incentives and discounts to your partner’s clients.

This list of available options for advertising with a very restricted budget doesn’t end here, of course. What is important is that you don’t neglect this extremely important aspect of business operations, but also not to be discouraged and disheartened by the lack of funds.

If you use some of these inexpensive ways of reaching your customers in a smart way and convey the right message at the right time, you may actually have a great return on your investment.

tips for divorced

Clients are filled with anxiety.  A lot of people know they’ll have to downsize because of a divorce,” says Walsh.  We look at a lot of timing issues…..

Tips for divorced or the soon-to-be:you

  • “Say the father departing with his share of the equity in a $400,000 house wants to stay in the neighborhood of his children’s school but find’s there’s no way to do it in a $200,000 house.  But maybe he can do it for about $325,000, and with an adjustable rate mortgage that is within his grasp.  We look at timing issues, “ Walsh says.  “Maybe he only needs to be in the neighborhood for four or five years, until the child finishes school.  He can use an ARM to take advantage of lower interest rates,” making higher priced houses more affordable.”
  • “If you’re going to maintain an ownership interest in the marital residence but not live there, talk to your divorce attorney chula vista about preserving your capital-gains deduction.  If you are gone from the house for longer than three years before your ex-spouse sells, your deduction could disappear unless your attorney arranges to have the ex’s time in the residence count for yours.
  • If one spouse stays in the marital home, it will have to be refinanced in order to get the other’s name off of the mortgage.  We have yet to find a lender that will just take the ex-spouse’s name off without refinancing.
  • Don’t assume that having to pay child or spousal support means you’ll have to rent during those years.  An ARM can help you get into the (housing) market, and mortgage interest deductions and property tax deductions may bring your total outlay on housing in line with renting.
  • Put down at least 20% down payment in order to avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI) and other fees.
  • On the other hand, women sometimes err in the other direction, believing they’ll be safest if they pay down the mortgage entirely with their settlement.  In fact, aside from developing a credit history by having a mortgage payment track record and gaining the tax deductions, you would free up cash flow for an emergency fund and investing.  If you get a mortgage at 5%, what you are actually paying after deductions is about 3.5%.  Thus, if you can make more on your investments  than 3.5% you should be ahead of the game.”